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last few copies of _Tonight I'll Forget the English Language_ at Deathbomb Arc

For those of you who are interested in getting your hands on a physical copy of Tonight I'll Forget the English Language, notable for its lengthy multiple-use song titles, sampler abuse, and weird prayerish rainstormy Dream Attic dream coda, please make your way to the Deathbomb Arc Clearance Sale, where you can purchase that fine Spirit Duplicator album, along with a copy of Gang Wizard's atypical hi-fi masterpiece God-Time-Man Universal Continuum Calibration Disc, for pittances.  Other intriguing stuff as well.  You may want to hurry.

Not much to report here.  It's that time of the year when the days at my job are basically just looking at the same long thing over and over again in 16 different languages.  This year it's easier, thank goodness, due to some forethought.

The music I've been making has been in keeping with that feeling.  Long repetitive prayerish Casiotone 1000p arpeggiator rambles with live drums by yours truly (I'm back at it!), deep bass, and some sort of solo instrument on top.  More coming, and hopefully an album.  I may need to release several albums all at once in the near future - this one, the dreamy delay-guitar stuff I did at the Lents market a while back, and, if I'm feeling brave, a double-album of a couple Spirit Duplicator KBOO sessions at their most unhinged.  As always, you may or may not be kept posted, but if you're curious, ask.

And for the record:  I prefer double spaces after sentences.  While this is a result of my typewriter-based education, I now stand by this as an aesthetic choice.
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