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the maiden voyage of the Hot Apparatus

Another Ross party last night!  As always, it was crazy, there was dancing, I stayed up until 2 something, I got in enough social activity for an entire 6-month period.  Head still a little abuzz.

The Spirit Duplicator solo set featured the lovely Joanie on bucket drum, and she was great.  I played two songs from http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Spirit_Duplicator/Eternal_Youth_and_Obscurity/ and two songs by the great Dick Feller.  I'd picked up a copy of Dick Feller Wrote... at the Deseret thrift a month ago or so and gotten obsessed with its mixture of novelty numbers and really well-crafted songs, soI thought I'd give it a whirl.  Well, I broke a string a couple notes into "Any Old Wind That Blows" and totally messed that up, but the version of "Daisy Hill" I did on my grandpa's old tenor banjo went pretty well.  It felt good to do an 8-minute song that was all just lyrics.

And then oh Hot Apparatus.  This crazed pop group's first group.  I was psyched to be playing bass, which is really the only instrument I feel comfortable with on stage - that and the Language Master, if you consider that an instrument.  Hit after hit.  I was smiling the entire time, sweating a lot, cramped in a small corner of Ross's living room among the enormous expanse of all six bandmembers' (!) instruments.  It was a good time.

This morning I couldn't really sleep, so I woke up and read science fiction on the couch.  When Joanie woke up and got in the shower, I had a sudden urge to put A Taste of DNA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gA-R62agx0 on the stereo.  Joanie came down and started dancing to "New New" and we danced together.  Oh how in love I felt.
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