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NaSoAlMo 2012 - complete!

So I'm breaking the silence here to say that I had a really great time recording NaSoAlMo 2012.  The album will be called _Eternal Youth and Obscurity_ and will be mixed down and distributable at some point soon.  It's guitar lunacy and more guitar lunacy.  I like it a lot.  More comments once it's actually ready.

I want to incorporate some dot-matricisms into the album cover art - I picked up an Imagewriter II - and as a result have been tearing apart the garage looking for the parts necessary to make my old Mac Classic communicate with said Imagewriter.  Oh, garage search mania!  How crazy I get!  I wasn't able to find the system disks that I'd need, but fortunately, the internet is kind of amazing. Now all I need is a blank disk that works and the will to hook up my old system with a disk drive.

One thing that I found in my search was a minidisc entitled "Handheld recordings Jan. 2004" that turns out to be a proto-version of _Spirit Duplicator_ the album.  But instead of the basement-Language-Master-symphonic approach, it's all tremulous endless guitar and vocals.  That plus a lot of interesting drony instrumentals with Chris P.  Very interesting - may need to do something with it at some point.
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