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and with the ring of the bell, the 2012 garage sale season is open

Joanie and I were walking back from a certain specialty grocery store in our neighborhood when we saw a hand-lettered garage-sale sign.  It looked to be on our way back home.  As we approached, we saw another sign.  Girl's handwriting, no address, mysterious arrows pointing in what looked like several different directions, a heart.  "Probably a C- sale, but let's check it out," I said.

Walked back to several tables full of ceramic tchotchkes - you know, the usual C- business - but then the true weirdness started coming out.  One - no, two tubs full of mostly unworn 70s athletic socks, all the stripes you can imagine.  A tub that seemed to be mostly full of Brut.  Weird geometric scarves and bright-orange handkerchiefs.  Probably about 50 clocks.  Even some of the tchotchkes were really weird - the ceramic frogs (typical fare) all appeared to be lying on their back, the better to expose their very human-looking genitalia. Of course!

"Yeah, we've been renting this space from this guy, but then he died, so we're selling off his stuff for his family," said the mom-figure.

"Weren't you at our garage sale last year?" asked the daughter.  "Yeah, that's right - you bought a computer monitor for $5.  It was for your girlfriend who was in school," she (correctly) noted.  Whoa, crazy.  "How'd that work out for you?"

"It was great for a couple weeks before it stopped working."

"Well, we'll give you a great deal on everything today."

Endless weird sunglasses.  Apparently unworn novelty beer shirts.  The loudest old Jantzen swim trunks ever.  I expected to see novelty-beer-shirt fanciers roll up in Jettas or on bikes with short handlebars - but no, this was Clackamas, pure Clackamas.

Did the whole experience end up with a hug and everyone saying "you're awesome" and us carrying a bucket full of amazing things home?  It did.  First A+ sale of the year?  It was.
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