tapemountain (tapemountain) wrote,

a quick note on rock-paper-scissors

Joanie always beats me at rock-paper-scissors - she knows me too well and I'm easy to read - but tonight, because I did not want to make a salad, she intentionally lost and made the salad. I would not have believed that it was possible to throw a rock-paper-scissors match.

I'm healing well enough from the bike injury I inflicted on myself back on 12/12.  I'd written something about it and then apparently never posted it?  Oh well.  SE 72nd & Fir (south of Flavel) - not suitable for bike riding.  Go around.  Broken elbows are no fun, though I'm doing better...

Super Duplicator show with Alison Dr. Something/Chris Calvert/Sir Cloister Maximus III went well - video evidence at:

Tags: biking, injuries, joanie, spirit duplicator
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