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It's one of those weekends where the right record found me in the right thrift store.  Joanie and I were out checking out the nearby thrift stores on the Avenue of the Roses and happened upon a thoroughly nasty musty-smelling copy of John Fahey's _The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party and Other Excursions_ at the Mormon thrift, so I've been listening to it to ward off the pitter-patter of a pretty depressing weather experience.  The title track is even more fantastic than ever.  I was listening to side 1 while washing and chopping potatoes, yams, and onions.  The oven was preheating, and it beeped its shrill hello at exactly the spot in _Knott's Berry Farm Molly_ where the music stops for a second before the tape starts playing backwards.  It was beautiful.

I'm working on another album, but it's going slowly.  I need to do a lot of garage organizing and I need to figure out how to play things very quietly so as not to disturb Joanie's homework, of which there is plenty this quarter.  I'll make it work.  I have grand plans and bad ideas stored up in piles in my mind.
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