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several weeks' worth of fascinating life story

THREE WEEKS AGO SATURDAY: I buy a lawnmower and one of those springloaded vegetable choppers at a thrift store. This is not newsworthy? Wait until the next paragraph!

THREE WEEKS AGO SUNDAY: I attempt to reassemble the vegetable chopper after cleaning it and accidentally chop the underside of my right middle finger. This leads to a late night in the Providence Milwaukie emergency room. Everyone is nice and they take care of the bleeding effectively, though if you ever have a chance to avoid having Novocaine shot into your fingers as part of a "digital block" procedure, please do so - it still makes me cringe to think about it. I must have suffered some nerve damage, since my fingertip is still numb weeks later, though I think it's getting better.

FRIDAY EVENING: I come home from work super-exhausted as a result of incredible amounts of work. Ugh! I lay in Joanie's lap and scan around limited-basic cable offerings. For some reason I end up on Telemundo. They're playing a pretty racy evening soap opera and, for some reason, I turn on the closed-captioning and interpret the entire riveting story of bed-hopping, loveless marriage, and taquitos for Joanie. I'm impressed that my Spanish has gotten to the point where I only miss a few words!

SATURDAY: It's Joanie's spring break, so we decide to take a long weekend. We'd thought we'd get out of town to someplace where there isn't rain, but we'd basically have to drive to California, so we end up playing tourist in Portland. We get all-day TriMet passes and walk all around the Pearl District and inner Northwest, visit the 3D museum (conveniently located across the street from my horrible ex-employer), take the same 15 bus that I used to take home from said employer (evocative!) and then end up drinking nice beers at the Hair of the Dog tasting room and The Lion's Eye. It's always nice to remember that I do actually live in this city that people seem to like, and that things have changed a bit in the swankier parts of town since, say, 1994.

The house is shaping up pretty well, and I think we'll probably finally have some sort of housewarming thing next weekend. I've got a rumpus room set up upstairs for videogames and old office equipment, and sections of the garage set aside for recording equipment and a treadmill. So far, my quality of life has improved substantially. Perhaps I'll feel differently when summer comes around, and I'll miss being able to walk up and down Foster and to the park and to the various garage sales in town. But for now, this has been a pretty good house to spend the winter in.
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