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Hello NaSoAlMo

It's November 1st and it's time for National Solo Album Month!  I've got the garage studio kind of sort of set up.  After three years in the cottage, it is nice to have a garage space for music again.  Of course, Joanie is in the middle of her final and most difficult quarter of college, so I may need to figure out a way to make this an acoustic album (despite my having bought a very nice guitar amplifier from Eric).  We'll see how the constraints of time, volume, and frosty temperatures work themselves out.  I've got some song ideas in mind.

I bought a bicycle off Craigslist.  When I went over to the other end of Milwaukie to check it out, I saw a bunch of people smoking and drinking Smrnf Ice on the porch in front of a magnificent river vista.  Somehow it came out over the course of the conversation that I did music stuff, so the  lady selling me the bike showed me all sorts of incredible audiovisual clutter throughout the place.  I may never see a wall of Commodore monitors again - even in my own house.  Multiple unicycles, pedestrian fatalities, code enforcement, endless sliders and knobs, monitors, Disney on Ice, and the whole thing ended up with a hug.  Wow.  I took the bike into wonderful wonderful Meticon, and while this thing has its quirks in abundance and needed a hell of a lot of work, when I rode it home, I felt like a superhero in the Milwaukie night.  So fast, so smooth.

Eric and I are releasing the newest Activity Universal (note the absence of the word "Associates") album Flee on cassette, so I'm in full-on dubbing mode.  I played it in my car driving the aforementioned bike up to Meticon, and I swear I had like three people honking at me, so transcendent was the Activity Universal driving experience.  Note to self: Do not listen to this album while driving - save it for dishwashing and other household chores.  I need to get cracking on making the cover art (J-card!) and, hopefully, an accompanying comic.

Other than that, I continue biking to work, doing work, looking at other languages all day long.  I like how my Spanish continues to improve, to the point where I feel like I need to start practicing speaking it again.  I need to read more Spanish literature - I read it in translation and think "this has to be better in the original and I'm near the point where I can take it in without too too many visits to the old dictionary."  Plans!

I made my own sauerkraut and it is delicious.  I don't know why I waited so long to start fermenting things.

I must say: having my own little den and keeping it usable (for doing embarrassing things like watching televised sporting events and playing videogames) is 100% wonderful.  What a ridiculous luxury.

I'll post NaSoAlMo updates here in case anyone checks this site anymore.
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