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Tape Mountain updates at some point in the near future for certain

Joanie is taking a Dreamweaver course and we're working on updating/unifying/simplifying/repurposing the Tape Mountain website.  It will be pulled kicking and screaming into the early 21st century, weird appendices and cul-de-sacs and ells brought up to code and streamlined.  I like how it looks already.

Dan Hack and I taught another mimeograph workshop yesterday at the Portland Zine Symposium.  As always, great to play off the energy of young zinesters and rekindle my love for mimeography, even in incredibly sweltering indoor heat in a tiny room with about twenty people mimeographing furiously..  As Dan noted, "we keep getting older, but the kids always stay the same age."  Levels of gray hair were compared, drawings of typewriters and Pokemon purchased, etc.  As always, James Yeary and Nate Orton's "My Day" zines are a particular treat to pick up.  I left the event with a Multistamp-generated temporary tattoos on each upper arm and a lot of ink under my fingernails.  A great day.

The Awl's Hüsker Dü listicle without commentary has rekindled my high-school/early-college Husker fixation, and a lot of contemporaneous SST records have come off the cinderblock shelves as well.  It was pretty great to sit on the sofa with Joanie this morning and listen to side two of the Meat Puppets' Up on the Sun... that whole album still holds up so, so well.  It's weird to hear some of these records on my pretty high-quality garage-sale turntable instead of the relatively lousy turntables of my youth, with their worn needles.  The skips are still worn into my head, but apparently my fancy new Technics is able to stay on the correct track, stay focused throughout the first verse of "Bed of Nails" where Bob sings about building a wall to lean on, roof above his mind, instead of building a wall above his mind as he did back in my frantic youth when the needle on my mental turntable kept scrambling for shortcuts.
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