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Report from the new house

So we are now somewhere in Portland or Milwaukie or Happy Valley or Oak Grove or Northwest Boise. Someplace in unincorporated Clackamas County. The rain is coming down hard on the very nice skylight over the stairs.

We now have internet at the house. The last week has seen us doing a lot of cleaning, organizing, and book-reading. There's still a lot of all three of those to do.

Things that I love about this house:
(1) I can jump around in front of the turntable without making it skip. I tested the limits last night to Atole's "Strike Zone" 7", and if you're looking for a record to jump up and down to in order to see if your turntable skips when you jump up and down, this is the record for that purpose. At the previous house, if I thought about the gentlest caress of the wind, the needle would skip like crazy. You couldn't walk in the kitchen without the turntable going berserk. Bad joists there. Here, good joists.
(2) So much space! In the old place, we were crammed together and in close proximity at all times - I couldn't put away dishes or walk too loudly in the morning before Joanie woke up. Now I can even listen to soft videos on the laptop. It is very nice for us, since I seem to require about two hours less sleep per day than she does.
(3) A dishwasher. Oh how I'd missed that.
(4) A garage for storing bikes rather than a shed whose hinges always fall off. Plus storing other stuff, recording, walking on a treadmill when it's raining, etc.

Things I love about this neighborhood:
(1) For not having any sidewalks, this neighborhood is really walkable. It's five minutes to walk to Trader Joe's, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, sporting goods stores, a couple good thrift stores, electronics stores other stuff. No coffee shops, interesting bars, or restaurants that I would want to eat at (one taco cart notwithstanding), but that will just save me money and sodium intake, I hope. Krispy Kreme is also within this range, but I don't think that's an option for me.
(2) Everything seems a little wild. Nothing is figured out. The interaction of Clackamas County and Portland where you can't quite tell if your neighbors have matching "Where's the Birth Certificate?" bumper stickers on their Geos and monster trucks or if they're people who will walk to the nearby Iglesia Adventista del Septimo Dia.
(3) My bike commute is excellent now. A couple minutes and I'm on the bike path that takes me almost all the way to work. And now that I've significantly upgraded my favorite bike (with good brakes and wheels that are the correct size, lighter weight, and not prone to instant spoke-breaking) it's going to be even nicer.

So initial feelings are optimistic, obviously. I'll let you know when the initial shine wears off.
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