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no no nasoalmo

So November may come and go without any sort of NaSoAlMo project from me for the first time in several years. Any number of reasons why that's the case:

1) Small house, Joanie trying very hard to catch up on homework - she fell behind back when everything was going down with my dad
2) We are actually doing something about the house issue - we're working on buying a place - more information when things look like they're certain

I think once things get a little bit settled, I'll have to mix down a few things:
1) long-overdue Gang Wizard album from Portland sessions in said small house
2) solo Lents International Farmers Market cloud guitar sessions
3) crazed KBOO sessions from a couple years ago - "Final Guest" and "Geographic Tongue"

But that will all happen eventually.

I rehabilitated my brother's old laptop ("rehabilitated" meaning "installing a relatively lightweight Linux distribution") and am typing on it as we speak.

I swear I will be less boring soon enough, but for now it's all mortgage paperwork and blood pressure medication. Ugh!
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