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set this day in amber

1. I gave blood. The phlebotomist asked what I was doing later - I said playing board games, and we went off on a tangent about Dominion and Puerto Rico. Later I let her know that I had not received any blood transfusions in the UK or had sexual contact for pay, even once. Then she botched the left arm's vein, so I got to rock matching red bandages on both arms for the rest of the day.

2. We went to Title Wave, where I found a used copy of Robert Wyatt's _Rock Bottom_ for 75 cents, plus all sorts of other great stuff. That place is the best.

3. I played said board games at Dr. Something's fantastic new apartment. One of her neighbors looked in glazed-eyedly from the courtyard while we were playing Dominion. He stared for a while and said, "you guys playing games?" We said "yes." He paused for a long time. "Demons!" Pause. "Parker Brothers!"

4. Then we went to karaoke. Lots of folks joined us - Jordan and Sarah, Anna, Chris, Jan. Jordan nailed a version of "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" in honor of our dad*, and I sang "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive" to keep the theme going. There was a contest later - I sang "Life During Wartime" - and I won! I can add that to my resume: KARAOKE CHAMPION.

November is coming up pretty soon and I'm looking forward to making another album. Trying to think if I should buy one of those digital-recording doohickies (for convenience's sake) or whether I should just set up the four-track in the bathroom...
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