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Activity Universal Associates at LENTS INTERNATIONAL FARMERS MARKET this Sunday (7/11)

Eric and I are playing a set this Sunday at the eternally scrappy and wonderful Lents International Farmers Market. We should play from roughly 11 to 1. We'll be aiming for background music, but we'll see how close we come.

Uh, what have I been up to? I've been carrying a lot of things on my bicycle. Things carried home in the last week or so
* Large Marantz receiver - on the rack without any bungee cords
* Two guitars (actual electronics repairs performed for the first time in a long long time) - on back
* Two large tomato plants - in bag

Perhaps this will be the summer of ridiculous bike challenges?

EPIC GARAGE-SALE UPDATE: Sarah and Michael's garage sale joins the Hall of Legendary Garage Sales. I only ended up getting a ton of cables, a computer (Michael's cast-off server from six or so years ago - now the fastest computer I have in the house, running the new Ubuntu no less, from which I type this!), a fashionable and very warm Russian wool coat for Joanie, various musical doodads, books, zines, minidiscs, etc., but the highlight has to be the perfect suit. It is skinny, brown-with-goldenrod-plaid, and it fit me absolutely perfectly. So perfectly that I wore it to the Grocery Outlet after I left their place. It was a serious Sisterhood of the Traveling Vintage Suits moment. And what's more, I even passed up the mellophone, the upright bass, the weird fretless guitars. Epic, epic, epic.
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