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Show alert and a non-show-alert post

Okay, obligatory show alert: I'm playing a solo show at Ross Beach's place this Saturday 6/26. I play last at 11:30. Email me if you don't have the address and want to go. There are a couple Activity Universal Associates shows coming up in July - one on KBOO the night of July 5th and one at the Lents International Farmers' Market on July 11th. More info to come.

My bike mechanics (the fine folks at Meticon on Foster) finally figured out a mystery about my dear bicycle. I was wondering why I couldn't put real fenders on the thing, or even heavy-duty tires. It turns out that while the wheels on the bike are 27-inch, the frame is set up to accept 700s. Aha! I love how every garage sale bike comes with some sort of amazing mystery. While they were figuring out said mystery, I rode to work on my backup bikes, and there's just something about the afterschool-special feeling of my horrible garage-sale Huffy...

Also, Joanie is riding her bike to PCC Southeast Center now. Pretty exciting!
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