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on Midwestern unflappability

I'm going to talk about politics for a second!

The recent spate of ass-kickery on the part of our beloved leader of the free world makes me a little sad. I admit that, were I in a situation like his, I'd probably respond with an air of Midwestern unflappability as well, and I can imagine a situation in which people would prod me. "Don't you feel angry about anything?" Actually, I'm kind of flashing back to what, twelve years ago? during a period of love anguish, and I think back then, my response was, well, Midwestern unflappability. In a lot of ways, the pain of acting out of character is worse than the pain of no-one understanding why you aren't overturning tables. The whole thing reminds me a bit of how much we missed by not electing Walter Mondale in 1984.

Now I'm going to talk about something that is not politics!

SATURDAY 6/12/10
There will be toddlers dancing, or at least I hope so.
Link to guerrilla footage of last year's event:

I left the Portland area for the first time in ages on Saturday when my brother invited us out for a spontaneous sunny-day trip to the beach. It was kind of wild being outside of TriMet range for a little while. I think the plan might be to take a little trip early next week. Someday I may have to update my vehicle so I can actually go over hills in an automobile. And to bring things full circle: I got the blue egg car about twelve years ago, it, too, being Midwestern (Canadian) and also a little unflappable; feed it problems, feed it hills, and it soldiers on wheezingly, without breakdowns.
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