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Speechless Brothers mighty rebirth

Aaron had his 30th birthday party last night, so we turned on the Speechless Brothers machine again. I was in no shape to be playing a show, as I was sick and, well, redact redact, but anyway, Aaron only turns 30 once, and Speechless Brothers play only once every two years or so, so it was time. Even though we hadn't practiced in a couple months (and probably not for a year before that?), it sounded pretty good. I sneaked "Careless Whisper" into the first song at Aaron's request. Jordan and I had a debate over whether said song was a Wham! song or a George Michael solo song, but since I didn't have Ned's number on me, we had to check Wikipedia on Jordan's phone (aka "queasy-net"). So much less interesting than calling Ned from a stairwell about "Easy Lover." It turns out we were both right, sort of.

I really enjoyed the Sustentacula set that happened afterwards, though I wasn't sure what to expect. I wouldn't have guessed that I would enjoy dance-pop when I was in no mood for dancing, with basement ceiling a few mere inches above my head, but I really did, and I was pretty blown away by Ryan's ability to play drums along with laptop beats.

The parade that followed? It was a delight to see my old electric bike pulling a 9-foot dragon float. I felt a little sheepish making noise in the street at a late hour, but there aren't really that many opportunities in a man's life to join a birthday parade with an electric bike pulling a 9-foot dragon float. There are probably more of said opportunities in this particular city than in any other place I've lived, I suppose.

After yesterday's herculean party and going-out-to-do-things efforts, I'm more than content to stay at home and be completely dull today. Ah, sweet dull life.
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